Christmas Families Wish List

Listed below is the “Christmas Families Wish List” that we are asking our church family to help fill. It has been a difficult year for many and it is our hope that we can alleviate some of the uncertainty and stress brought on by the holidays for these two families. If you would like to help, please choose an item(s) from the list below and let Greg know so he can mark it off the list.

We ask that you please have your gift wrapped and brought to the church by December 16.  Also, please include a note with who the gift is for and for which family.

We certainly appreciate all the help that we can get with this.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
– The Missions Group

Family 1Family 2

Man (53)
Favorite color Blue
Needs size 38/30 jeans
Needs shoes size 10
Girl (9.5)
Loves video games, to color bigger pictures
Would love a night light that puts stars or something on the wall
Fuzzy blanket
Shirts size 10
Pants size 8-10 (medium)
Shoes size Youth 3
Woman (39)
Favorite color pink
Wants a good sharp kitchen knife
Boy (7.5)
Loves football
Loves video games and enjoys drawing, Books-comic books, etc.
Likes building things/Legos, etc.
Baseball cap
Pants size Medium (8-10)
Shirts size youth medium
Shoes size 2
Girl (19)
Favorite color Blue
Needs queen sized sheet set
Needs panties size 10
Wants wax cubes, body spray
Boy (6)
Loves Iron Man/Avengers and anything to do
with racing
Any books, Educational cards/games
Monster Trucks or video games
Would love nightlight/one that puts stars or something on the wall
Baseball cap
Shoes size (12c)
Shirts size 6-7
Pants size 6-7
Boy (18)
Favorite color Black
Size Large shirts
Needs socks and underwear
Needs sweat pants – size large
Family needs:
Paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes/spray
Groceries are appreciated.
Children masks!
Family games and items to help organize children’s closets (for all kiddos)
Boy (18)
Favorite color Black
Size XL shirts and underwear
Size 38/30 jeans
Girl (16)
Favorite color Purple
Size large shirts, leggings
Shoe size 9 – cute winter boots
Needs a coat
Boy (16)
Favorite color Blue
Size men’s small underwear, and sweats and medium shirts
Shoe size 10 – work boots
Needs size medium or 30/30 work overhauls (winter kind)
Boy (14)
Favorite color Black
Size men’s small underwear and sweats size medium shirts
Needs men’s jeans size 28/32 or 30/32
Needs sweats or men’s jogging pants size small
Boy (10)
Favorite color Blue
Boys size 12-14
Needs coat
Needs belt
Wants boxing gloves
Boy (8)
Favorite color Red
Boys size 16/18 husky
Needs underwear/socks
Needs a belt
Wants remote control car/truck
Boy (1)
Favorite color Any
Size 18-24 months
Needs clothes
Needs Diapers (size 4)
Needs baby shampoo, baby bath, baby powder, diaper cream
Need infant Tylenol, ibuprofen
Wants a push toy, big block Legos or learning toys