GIGs (Growth and Impact Groups)

Small groups are vital to spiritual growth. The goal of GIGs is to help the people of our church mature in Christ through support and accountability from brothers and sisters in Christ. If you’re interested in joining a GIG, contact the church office. GIGs meet at various times throughout the week.

Currently we have groups meeting at the following times:
Sundays at 9 am
Thursdays at 10 am
Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Discipleship Pathway Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment (the actual self-assessment chart)
Self-Assessment Slides (slides used to present the what-why-how of the self-assessment chart.

Prayer & Meditation Resources

There are lots of ways to pray. Here are a few resources. If you have suggestions of other resources, please contact the church office.

  1. Beginning with the Lord’s Prayer is good; study it.
  2. Pray the prayers from our worship program.
  3. Hyde Park UMC  has a good list of ideas and resources.
  4. Read the Upper Room and pray the prayers included. Copies of the Upper Room are available in the sanctuary or subscribe to the email version.
  5. Find a place, maybe while still in bed or on the drive to work, to take a few moments to talk to God.